Saturday, April 14, 2007

SAT 14th

The Scotsman has asked for questions for Jack McConnell & Alex Salmond. Here are mine:

To Jack McConnell
Bearing in mind that we still have have a poorly growing economy, indeed with 2 quarters of recession under your rule & that you said just before the last election & again on 30th March, that growing the economy was your "number one priority" why does your manifesto concentrate on spending more on education? Why do you not think that putting the same money into cutting business taxes would not encourage business? for his "number one priority remark

To Alex Salmond
In your recent conference speech you appeared to say you intended to pick a fight with Westminster over gun control laws. If you wish to pick a fight why did you not choose to make it over negotiating a cut in Scottish corporation tax, which would have a massive effect on the standard of living of us all?

To both

In 2011 Hunterson is to close & we will lose 1/6th of our power, in 2015 new EU regulations will close much coal fired power & we will be down to 2/3rds & by 2023 Torness will close & we will have lost half Scotland's electricity. If you achieve any economic growth demand will, of course, increase. Wind, currently 3%, is intermitten & thus even its supporters say it cannot provide baseload. Where will we get the missing power, in such a short timeframe, if we are to avoid massive midwinter blackouts & deaths?

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