Thursday, April 12, 2007


Automated cars & trains

The number of decisions in running a train is vasdtly simpler since the tracks already choose the direction. If driverless cars are on the horizon then driverless trains have been possible for years. Driverless trains would allow single carriage units thereby providing far more flexility, allowing departures every few minutes, 24/7 working, lower running costs & increased capacity. This could make trains truly competitive but has been held back because government control does not inspire innovation.


having accepted that the things the LD's call free aren't free you are now advising all unwilling taxpayers to vote elsewhere (as you point out the Tories don't intend to cut taxes though 9% Growth have promised to take the money you waste on windmills & fund a 3p tax cut - which actually wouldn't cost the unfortunate anything unless Mr al Fayed counts).

Lib Dems to spend another £1 billion

The cause of house prices is not a mixture of over deman & under supply but -
Under supply purely. What you call over demand is people speculating that house prices are going to go up continuously. If we allowed builders to build houses the supply would increase & speculation would be pointless. There is no technical reason why houses toady should cost more multiples of peoples incomes than in Queen Victoria's time - it is entirely government regulation

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