Wednesday, April 04, 2007


A local Glasgow candidate (Katy Gordon for the LibDems) has distributed a leaflet giving her & her party's priorities. They call for a more complicated & more expensive (but some may suspect not more speedy & thorough) refuse collection system, more subsidies for windmills & stopping shops using as much packaging. These The sole other thing mentioned is to say that Labour supports nuclear power & that it cannot "provide all the answers"

As a LibDem until I was expelled from the party for supporting nuclear power & Irish style business tax cuts for growth on the grounds that they were "illiberal" & "irreconcilable with membership of the party" I, as leader of the 9% Growth Party, wish to challenge Ms Gordon & any other LibDem candidate, or indeed any candidate from any party opposed to nuclear power, to debate the issue.

I would be happy to debate either in the media (newspaper, radio, TV) or in a public meeting. I would point that her reason for dismissal of nuclear is completely different from that of her leader who said that "nuclear is the easy answer" & must thus be opposed resolutely because if it was seen to work the electorate would never accept paying massive subsidies for windmills & other politically correct methods of engineering. She is also, unfortunately, wrong in accusing Labour of supporting nuclear. While the rank & file did vote heavily for it at Conference leaders such as Jack McConnell & Wendy Alexander are opposed, in an indecisive way.

I believe that in an election the candidates have a duty to discuss the issues & I would at least be relieved to see if they have any idea how the 1/6th of our power due to close in 2011, 1/3rd by 2015 & 50% by 2023 are to be replaced without blackouts.

I hope Glasgow's newspapers will wish to support such a debate.

Neil Craig

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Neil Craig said...

No response from the any of the various Luddite parties so far. It appears they are afraid their case won't measure up.