Wednesday, February 05, 2014

End Of A 7 Year Old Song - SInging A Newer & Louder One

   New site.

   At the suggestion of Glasgow UKIP Branch I, as candidate for Glasgow North (UK election) I have opened a new party site -

   I will be posting regularly there from now on.

   I am proud of what I attempted to do with the 9% GROWTH party. The policies advocated then were unquestionably the most progressive (ie promoting progress) of any party in Scotland, indeed by a very wide margin.

  Even after these years they still are. Indeed moreso since our ruling political class have deliberately put us through an unnecessary recession when we could have had at least 9% growth, and put over 1 million Scottish households into fuel poverty with the world's most damaging "Climate Change Act", allegedly designed to prevent the catastrophic global warming we are suffering from - despite it being admitted there has been no warming, catastrophic or otherwise since 1995.

   Had we had 9% Growth over the last almost exactly 7 years (the non-EU world AVERAGE has been 6%) we would all be 87% better off than we are, electric bills would be a fraction of what they are (ultimately less than 10% but we would probably not have reached that, yet) and at least 10,000 fewer people would have died during winters because of fuel poverty.
   While I do not have the control over UKIP policies I did with the 9% Growth Party, UKIP is remarkably close on virtually everything, to what I proposed. I hope, if you agree that what I proposed back then (economic success, cheap energy, individual freedom, human progress, no illegal wars), is better than the recession, poverty, wars, ever growing nanny statism & EU bureaucracy our parasitic political class imposed on us you will join UKIP in our progress.

   We are currently the UK's 3rd and Scotland's 4th party and despite censorship and smearing by the state owned "balanced - the law says so" state owned BBC, we have the policies and the people to win.