Saturday, April 28, 2007

Discussing a stripogram ban.

The same vindictive politically correct puritanism which brought in the smoking ban. Doubtless we will be told that passive enjoyment at looking at sexy women can harm you.It should be remembered that the smoking ban was supported by all parties - Scotland's political class, not merely one party, is the problem. Among the 26 things we support & the other parties almost unanimously oppose was not merely ending the smoking ban but: 16) No new politically correct vindictive bans. The smoking ban was NOT in manifestos at the last election.I must admit I had thought they would get the election over before announcing more such things

Stephen Hawking in weightless training.

"I want to encourage public interest in space flight and I hope many people will follow in my path.

"Life on Earth is at ever- increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster, such as sudden global warming, nuclear war, a genetically-engineered virus or other dangers. "

"I think the human race has no future unless it goes into space."

This is, of course completly incompatible with the Greens who say that humanity's future is retreating back into our past. Another point is that the disabled might find space a particularly congenial place to live. Even the Moon, at 1/6th our gravity, could mean many years of extended life to those with heart problems.

It is shameful that having got there in 1969 we gave up. We could have had 10s of thousands of people living there now.

A debate on policy

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