Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This is a comment online & unpublished letter to the Scotsman:

While nuclear engineering is obviously complicated the basic questions - is it cheaper, has it a better safety record, is it reliable, does it produce less pollution, is it far less visually interfering than wind or smokestack - are all easily answered in the affirmative which makes the decision what the Americans call a no-brainer.

Malcolm Slesser (letter 21st Feb) has asked for an impartial source to assit him. May I go one better & give him the words of an opponent. Nicol Stephen was willing to say, during the BBC "energy debate", that "nuclear is the easy answer" & that he only opposes it because it is so obviously satisfactory that if new nuclear was adopted the electorate would never be willing to shell out for windmill subsidies, If someone so resolutely opposed says this its superiority can hardly be denied.

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