Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This morning BBC Radio Scotland did a feature on the proposed new line of pylons across the Highlands to carry windfarm electricity.

During the programme the presenter referred to this as being "cheap & renewable". In fact onshore windmills cost 5.4p a unit, twice the cost of coal power & 4 times what French nuclear costs.

Neil raig twice rang the programme to ask them to correct this inaccuracy. but they did not do so.

At any time the BBC should show a concern for truthful reporting. particularly on political issues. With a Scottish election coming up the BBC, who have a long history of giving large amounts of airtime to "Green" issues, spokesmen & politicians while denying it to supporters of technological progress should exercise particular caution in reporting truthfully & evn, in theory, without political bias.

The BBC have not responded
Is "An Inconvenient Truth" genuinely a non-political & impartial documentary giving nothing but the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth about alleged global warming. I think not. Irrespective of whether warming let alone catastrophic warming is really happening the assurance that we are going to have massive sea level rises etc. is at best highly improbable & purely spinning a questionable partisan line.

This film is being shown to every Scottish schoolchild by order of our political masters.

Ross Finnie says that there is no debate in Scotland over warming & that anybody who says there is is "from Mars". This is pure eco-fascism - when any free debate is allowed to ordinary people it has been repeatedly shown that the sceptical view is predominant & highly defencible on the facts. I would like to remind the Executive & indeed head teachers of their lawful duty:

1966 Education Act section 406 "The local education authority, governing body and head teacher shall forbid .... the promotion of partisan political views in the teaching of any subject in the school." Section 407 requires that "where political issues are brought to the attention of pupils .... they are offered a balanced presentation of opposing views."

To show the Gore propaganda film in isolation would surely be in flagrant breach of the law.

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