Sunday, January 28, 2007


The day following the Herald letter mentioned below they published a letter specificlycalling for a reply from me (in fact an apology) claiming my letter was provably wrong. The basis for that claim was that the writer said Scotland had already reached 10% of our electricity coming from windmills.

The true figure is 3-4% as everybody on the Herald with any knowledge of the field must be aware. Indeed a commenter on the Scotsman online mentioned it asking with amusement if I was answering it.

I had already done so & the Herald have refused to allow me any right of reply. I believe they have also rejected other letters pointing out this obvious untruth.

By using this writer as a catspaw & not allowing a defence the Herald have clearly made & deliberately maintained an attack on this party they know to be untrue.

If they wish to comment I will allow them the right they denied me.

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