Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The Tories have announced that their Scottish manifesto will offer £100 million more for drug adicts & ...... that is about it.
THE Scottish Conservatives have decided to ditch a number of key policies for this year's Scottish Parliament election and concentrate instead on crime and drugs, it emerged yesterday.

Annabel Goldie, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, revealed she had dropped her party's pledge to axe the graduate endowment - the payment in lieu of tuition fees paid by students after they graduate.

The Tories have also dropped their policy of taking education out of the hands of councils and their commitment to cut council tax by 35 per cent for all households.

Miss Goldie also confirmed her intention not to offer any income tax cuts. Instead, the Conservatives will spend £100 million on drug rehabilitation and another £80 million rejuvenating crumbling town centres.

There has been much internal party debate on whether to use the so-called Tartan Tax, the parliament's ability to cut income tax by 3p in the pound, to lower taxes in Scotland. However, despite pressure from within the party, Miss Goldie has decided not to offer income tax cuts to the electorate this year.

Why would anybody want to vote for this? Scotland is in comparative economic decline. We have a depressing, incompetent Labour/SLD administration who can think of nothing more than windmills & nanny bans. Scotland is crying out for something new & all they can do is hide in a corner & limit themselves to a couple of PC tokens. They have given the SNP, ourselves & UKIP a free hand to stand for business tax cuts & Irish style growth.

One gets the impression they just want to get the election out of the way, lose a few seats & get back to sleep in Holyrood.

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